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Our Priority all ways goes to the customer satisfaction . so we are proudly presents ---------different types of Software Solutions related services sins 2014---------.

SoftWare Solutions

Custom Business Software . We develop business software and websites to maximize productivity and profitability.

Web Solutions

Full-service digital agency in Connecticut offering web design, website development, SEO, internet marketing and graphic design services.

Mobile Solutions

Our mobile dev solutions offer data persistence for offline devices, global low-latency ... Firebase is a unified app platform for iOS, Android.

IT Consalting

We works in partnership with clients, advising them how to use information technology in order to meet their business objectives or overcome problems. They work to improve the structure and efficiency of IT systems in various organisations.

Soft-View Solutions



Growell Prower Tools Distributions. / HIGHTEC Distributions. / Ramitha Laksahal Distributions. /

Noice engineering Kotikawaththa / Home Base  Marketing Gampola / Ideamart Seeduwa / Jai Success Balagolla

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HardWare / Powertool Shops

Ramitha Tile Center Kamdy./Janatha Tools Colombo./ Ramitha Morters Gurudeniya./ Ramitha Tile Gurudeniya./ Growell Power Tools Kandy./Ramitha Morters Gurudeniya.

Lasantha Paint Shop Digana/Modesha Trading Colombo

- --

Citrus Cafe Kandy,/ GreenCafe Kandy/

Green Park Kandy , Kadugannawa, Mawanella, Pilimthalawa.

The Urban Grab Kandy / Kandyan King - Kandy

Mini Supers / Other

Warapitiya MiniSuper. / IdeaWorld Kandy./ New Kamal Lernas Rikillagaskada,

Ramitha Super Thennekumbura / Gurudeniya. / 7 To  9 Super Gurudeniya

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Computer Traders

Bright Computers Kandy. / TeleCare Computers Kandy /. UltraComputers Kandy / Soft-Electronics Rikillgaskada

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Puthuli Pharmacie Mathale /, New Asgiri Pharmacie Kandy./ SMR Pharmacies Walala.


Kanvo Fashion Kandy / Casual Ware Kandy / Iconic shoes Kandy

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Hear Are Our Contact Details For Your Need No 27/2,Malpana,Kengalla, Kandy,Srilanka .

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